Science of Relationships class 2 of 4


The Science of Relationship is a four part series.  It took place at RAJE at the end of 2015.  Part 1 was lost, sorry.

Speaker: Rabbi Dovid Goldshteyn

Rabbi Dovid Goldshteyn fled the Soviet Union and received asylum in the US in 1979. Growing up on the mean streets of Brooklyn Dovid was toughened up even further by training martial arts. A second degree black belt in Shotokan Karate, Dovid can still show a sensitive side and cried when Mufasa died. In 1997 Dovid joined the United States Maccabi team in Israel for the 15th World Maccabi Games. Inspired by the Discovery seminar while in Israel, Dovid returned to NY determined to learn more about his heritage. In 2000 Dovid moved to Israel and studied at Aish HaTorah Yeshiva. In 2006 events came full circle when Dovid was invited to join the staff of Aish HaTorah’s Discovery seminar as a lecturer. Dovid is noted for his humor, passion, bizarre cultural references, and pained singing voice. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Chanie and his four amazing children.