R’ Akiva Tatz – The Inner Lessons of Shavuot

R’ Akiva Tatz – The Inner Lessons of Shavuot


Join us for a journey with Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz to understand how the spiritual and the physical world parallel each other exactly. Torah is the spiritual core, the world is its physical expression… In order to prepare to receive the Torah, you must know that it is nothing short of the DNA of the entire cosmos. Understanding this is the key to understanding reality.

*Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz is a South African born physician, author and lecturer. He studied medicine in Johannesburg with elective work at Washington University in St Louis, and spent a number of years concurrently practicing medicine and engaging in Talmudic study in Israel.

He has written a number of books on the subjects of Jewish thought and philosophy: Anatomy of a Search, Living Inspired, Worldmask, The Thinking Jewish Teenager’s Guide to Life, Letters to a Buddhist Jew and Will, Freedom & Destiny.

His Jerusalem Medical Ethics Forum teaches and promotes knowledge of Jewish medical ethics internationally. He has recently written a textbook in this field, Dangerous Disease and Dangerous Therapy in Jewish Medical Ethics.

He currently teaches at the Jewish Learning Exchange in London and internationally.