Awaken Tranquility – Menuchat Hanefesh


A Happy Life Consists in Tranquility of Mind

Tranquility – Menuchat Hanefesh is part of the awaken series which highlight character traits that are necessary to understand and perfect one self. This enables one to achieve a higher degree of self-esteem and happiness. Join Rabbi Reuven for a discussion on the art of Tranquility…

Speaker: Rabbi Reuven Ibragimov

Rabbi Reuven Ibragimov, COO and innovator, RAJE-NY. He was one of the founders of Roots Eitz Chaim a nascent grass roots movement serving collegiates and YJP’s in the NY area. He and his wife served as campus Chaplain and Program Director at Brooklyn College and Long Island University, as the OU’s JLIC Rabbi. He ran the Brownstone for Gateways. Ibragimov has been developing cutting edge programs for collegiates, YJP’s and newlyweds in the New York area. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Nalini, Educational Director of Souled, and their six fabulous children.