Hebrew Crash Course 

  • 08:00 PM
  • 2915 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn NY 11235

….. Did you know that 1000 Hebrew words is all you need to carry on a conversation?

…In fact, 800 of the 1000 most-used Hebrew words are biblical words! Once you learn them, you can feel at home both on the streets of Tel Aviv or with a prayer book in your neighborhood synagogue!

Join us for a journey to acquire the words that will reveal the treasures of the ancient world while opening doors to the excitement and energy of life in today’s Israel! We will use the same time-tested Ulpan method, created at the founding of the State of Israel which helped millions of new Olim, immigrants to Israel, to master the language of the Jewish people!


Two Ulpan tracks to master your first 100 words of Hebrew in just 6 weeks!

Aleph Level – Beginner: This is the place to start if you have no prior background in Hebrew language and do not yet know how to read. In this course you will learn to speak, understand, read and write modern Hebrew. You’ll converse from the first lesson. Reading and writing will be taught simultaneously. Knowledge of the alphabet is not required.

Aleph Plus Level – Beginner with prior background:Remember your Hebrew alphabet from your Bar/Bat Mitzvah? This is the place to start if you already know how to read Hebrew and perhaps have picked up a few words here or there. Open to students with basic Hebrew reading skills, or by placement. In this course you will learn to speak, understand and brush up on reading and writing modern Hebrew.

Instructors: Rabbi Dovid Goldshteyn & Rabbi Reuven Ibragimov

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