Want to be more interesting? How about learning a whole new language?

Join RAJEon for our 4-week Hebrew Crash Course this fall, and you too can learn to sound like an Israeli!

We are offering 2 Levels of Hebrew Class:
– Level 1: the Hebrew Crash Course
– Level 2: Conversational Hebrew

In Level 1, you will learn:
– How the hebrew language is structured.
– The alphabet and nikkudot (accents); including how to read, write and pronounce each one.
– 20 most commonly used ‘roots’ and 15 prefixes and suffixes that when combined, lend way to the fundamentals of the Hebrew language and the ability to begin structuring sentences.

In Level 2, you will:
– Build vocabulary
– Learn common phrases and structure sentences
– Practice conversing with emphasis on pronunciation (and hand motions!)

When? Begins February 1st 2016
Classes are held every MONDAY evening from February 1st  – February 22nd:
Level 1 meets from 8:00-9:00PM
Level 2 meets from 8:00-9:00PM

RAJE Center: 2915 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn NY

Getting Here:
Getting here via public transportation is easy!
– Q Train to Brighton Beach


FREE! Because we love you! However, donations are always welcome to support the work we do… to donate click HERE

We purposely keep our classes small to ensure individualized attention. So yes, in 4 sessions, you will build a strong foundation!

Sponsorship opportunities available! For information and all other inquiries please contact

to RSVP email Rabbi Reuven at Reuven923@gmail.com

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