The Book of Life and The Book of Death

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With Rosh Hashana fast approaching, I wanted to share a short idea that I hope will inspire.

On Rosh Hashanah it is written and Yom Kippur it is sealed; “How many shall pass away and how many shall be born, who shall live and who shall die….. who shall be at peace and who shall be harassed, who shall be poor and who shall be rich, who shall be humbled and who shall be promoted.”  So reads one of the best known prayers in the Machzor, the holiday prayer book.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or hopeless. Which man is perfect or free from sin? In truth, I believe the Jewish calendar begins with what is intended to be a riveting experience for every Jew. It is a time of keen personal introspection when we are faced with fundamental questions about our existence – Why am I in this world? What is my purpose? For what am I accountable? On this day we affirm a core belief of the Jewish people, namely that the universe has a Creator that guides the universe, Who is intimately involved in our lives. We have the choice to be more than who we are. We have the ability to exercise our free will to create a future that is greater than the one we are heading towards. The high holidays are a reaffirmation of our will to choose life and growth regardless of what we have not accomplished before. This year we turn a new leaf, leaving the past behind us.

On many levels we decide which book we are written in. Do we repeat the missed opportunities of the previous year or do we march forward actualizing our inner greatness. The books are open with blank pages. You decide what the ink will say, it’s not dry.

May we all be blessed with a year of revealed goodness and the clarity we crave as we continue to reach for the goals we wish to achieve and never give up trying.

Shana Tova U’Metuka,

R’ Reuven Ibragimov

P.S. We would like to invite you to partake in our inspirational explanatory Rosh Hashana prayer experience, It’s a traditional service with meaningful insights and beautiful melodies insuring a deep connection to both the spirit of the day and the depth to your soul.  The services begins on Wednesday evening at 6:45 PM with Shofar blowing on Thursday afternoon at 1:00PM. For more details on Rosh Hashanah meals and scheduling ==> click here

As the New year enters I want to to take this opportunity to share with you some of the major milestones RAJE hit in the jewish year 5777.

2054 new applications to the RAJE Fellowships. 760 in person interviews . 290 participants in Leadership fellowships. 158 participants in Educational Israel Trips. 128 second level students  RAJE U & Thrive Ambassadors | Shabbatons/Holidays 62 shabbtonim (multiple shabbatons on same weekend). 10 Holidays meals and programs. 1021 unique visitors on shabbatons alone Classes/Events 231 – classes/shiurim were given in 5777. 600 1on1’s with Rabbi’s. 4 Chesed oriented events. 8 Social events. 6 Events related to holidays (prep for a holiday). 112 RAJE participants marched in the Israeli day parade. Hebrew classes we had 53 participants learning hebrew in 5777 | Mentors program 38 mentors were educated to teach RAJE students. We hosted 4 events for mentors (pre and post prep for program). 32 classes were held preparing mentors for meetings with participants. New curriculum 16 new sources sheets with 16 video pre prep were designed to help mentors be better prepared for participant meetings

We plan on doing more this year. We are creating a student led board for local events with Beit Abraham and we are participating in the second Olami summit where 20 nominated RAJE students will have the opportunity to present their unique ideas to help our community for funding.  All of this was only possible through the financial generosity and support of others, dedicated to preserving the next generation of Russian Jewish Identity.

WE NEED YOUR HELP and SUPPORT to insure we meet our goals!  Partnering with us will insure that 5778 is year of making strides and shattering goals enriching the lives of so many searching for a meaningful way to connect to their heritage. Every penny will be used solely to suppirt this mission. Every person can make a difference. For $100 you can sponsor a class in memory of a loved one. Any contribution before the High Holidays will not only continue to support the Jewish Education of so many collegiates and Young professionals but it will give you and your family any additional merit and blessing to tilt the scale in your favor which will ensure that you and your loved ones will be sealed in the Book of Life, Health and Success!

May we all be blessed with a year of revealed goodness and the clarity we crave as we continue to reach for the goals we wish to achieve and never give up trying.

Shana Tova U’Metuka,

P.S. The rest of the team wouldn’t let me hit send before they too had the chance to wish you a healthy, sweet New Year.  Warmest wishes from R’ Katzin R’ Goldshteyn, R’ Yakubov, R’ Rosenfeld, R’ Pine, Rebecca, Gabriella, Ilana and R’ Kersh

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