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under contructionist

Holy Kvetching

Holy Kvetching We all know some Jews that complain, a lot. We even have a Yiddish expression for complaining, Kvetching. Kvetching is such an evocative word; it makes me think of someone mentally clearing his or her throat. As if complaints are the phlegm of the mind that needs to be expectorated before choking mental…

under contructionist

The Under-Constructionist Manifesto

The Under-constructionist Blog #1 The Manifesto Welcome to the Under-constructionist movement. Allow me to share with you our Manifesto. We believe that Humanity as a whole and human beings in particular are both works in progress. Hence, we are Under Construction. We take great pleasure in our previous accomplishments but are not satisfied with them,…

Star Wars Judaism

Star Wars Judaism and Jediism

The Force, the Dark Side, Jedi Knights and Lightsabers. What’s the Jewish perspective on all this? Join Rabbi Reuven Tuesday night for a discussion as we look at some of the Jewish elements of Star Wars. Rabbi Reuven has Returned In his absence, the sinister OLD ORDER has risen from the ashes of the Empire…


RAJE is going BIG!

What if you could secure a Jewish future for Russian American Jews in just 24 hours? 70 years of Communism has robbed Russian Jews of Jewish education and community! The RAJE program is succeeding to repair this historic wrong! INVEST IN OUR CAMPAIGN TODAY SO THAT WE CAN INVEST IN OUR COMMUNITIES JEWISH FUTURE TOMORROW….


What Do Jews Do on Christmas?

• Most Jews do not celebrate Christmas • Most things are closed, so there is little to do on Christmas • Chinese restaurants a movie theaters are often open • Family get-togethers and work are other options Christmas is not a Jewish holiday. Many Christians think of Christmas as an American holiday, a secular holiday…