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RAJE 4 A Jewish Future

Support RAJE today and quadruple the impact of your gift! Will You Give? #RAJE4AJEWISHFUTURE What if you could secure a Jewish future for Russian American Jews in just 24 hours? 70 years of Communism has robbed Russian Jews of Jewish education and community! The RAJE program is succeeding in repairing this historic wrong! FACT: Since…

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What is Shavuot?

Shavuot 2016 begins in the evening of Saturday, June 11 and ends in the evening of Monday, June 13 The Torah was given by G‑d to the Jewish people on Mount Sinai more than 3300 years ago. Every year on the holiday of Shavuot we renew our acceptance of G‑d’s gift, and G‑d “re-gives” the Torah. The word Shavuot…


More Israel Day Parade!

If you’re not in the parade, you watch the parade. That’s life. Join us at the Israel Parade this Sunday! 12:45 PM assembly place is 55th street, (Between 5th and Madison ave)


Israel Day Parade

When you’re on top and you lead the parade, everyone’s there throwing lilies and lilac water on your head. But when those parades have gone by and there’s a storm in your heart, there are very few people that are going to sit there and listen to you bemoan life. Join us at the Israel…

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Messiah and The World to Come Part 1

Some people think about their ultimate future. What happens after a person dies? Is there life after death? Can we know what is the ultimate purpose of our lives? Will we find out if there is a God? Do we have a soul or not? If we do, what will become of it? Is there…


Reincarnation and Resurrection Part 2

It may be surprising to discover that the concept of resurrection is central to Jewish thought, given the fact that many people are familiar with it through other religions. But in fact, Techiat HaMaitim (the Resurrection of the Dead) in the future World to Come is one of the most fundamental principles of Judaism, and…


Reincarnation and Resurrection Part 1

Many people are surprised to learn that Judaism actually affirms belief in reincarnation, whereby the soul returns to the world to live a new life, a doctrine usually associated with Eastern religions. In reality, though, it should not seem so surprising. The basic concepts underlying reincarnation are fundamental to Jewish outlook, such as the eternity…