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The Book of Life and The Book of Death

With Rosh Hashana fast approaching, I wanted to share a short idea that I hope will inspire. On Rosh Hashanah it is written and Yom Kippur it is sealed; “How many shall pass away and how many shall be born, who shall live and who shall die….. who shall be at peace and who shall…

Stanislav Petrov, ‘The Man Who Saved The World,’ Dies At 77

Stanislav Petrov was a lieutenant colonel in the Soviet Union’s Air Defense Forces, and his job was to monitor his country’s satellite system, which was looking for any possible nuclear weapons launches by the United States. He was on the overnight shift in the early morning hours of Sept. 26, 1983, when the computers sounded…

How a Shabbat Meal Turned a White Supremacist Against Bigotry

by Rabbi Efrem Goldberg The United States was hit by two disasters over the past two weeks. One was natural, and the other was man-made.  One left devastating damage as the result of strong winds and hard rain, while the other left horrific damage resulting from hate and discrimination. One caused hopelessness, while the other provides great reason…

Make Resolutions, Not Wishes

by Rabbi Efrem Goldberg A practical guide to real change. It was an ordinary day in Judge Mindy Glazer’s Miami-Dade courtroom when 49-year-old Arthur Booth appeared before her for his bond hearing. He had been arrested the previous day for breaking into a home, stealing a car, and running from police. He caused two accidents before…

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Meeting the Real You

Meeting the Real You – Prep work for your Jewish New Years Resolution with Rabbi Reuven. The real you is not a puppet which life pushes around; the real, deep down you is the whole universe