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Visions for Tomorrow

Discomfort is potentially the most powerful fuel for growth. No one likes to feel uncomfortable and when we do, we generally try to change the situation that causes it.

A Nazi’s Grandson Cried at my Grandfather’s Grave!

DR. FAYE ZAKHEIM I recently joined RAJE on a trip that was deeply meaningful for me personally. We took the students to Vienna on the way to Israel. I am a child of Holocaust survivors. My father was in Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Bergen Belsen, had numbers branded on his arm and only he and my…

The Inner Dimensions of the 17th of Tammuz and the 3 weeks

By Rabbi Johnny Kersh  The 17th of Tammuz is a day on the Jewish calendar, marred by several national calamities, of which we make no secret. Among them: the worshipping of The Golden Calf, the smashing of the first of the sets of the Ten Commandments, the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem, when it’s once ‘impenetrable’…

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Rav Gav – No Deed Goes Unpunished

Originally from New York, Rabbi Gavriel Friedman a.k.a “Rav Gav”, has spent almost 2 decades, studying and teaching in various programs and seminaries throughout Jerusalem. He hit the Lecturing market in 2009 and has since spoken in dozens of locations across the globe including South Africa, England, The Netherlands, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, across the…

R’ Akiva Tatz – The Inner Lessons of Shavuot

Join us for a journey with Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz to understand how the spiritual and the physical world parallel each other exactly. Torah is the spiritual core, the world is its physical expression… In order to prepare to receive the Torah, you must know that it is nothing short of the DNA of the entire…